‘Kantara’ has multiple meanings in different languages. It means "bridge" in old Turkish which came from Arabic language. In sanskritic, it means life science. 

Bridges; bind to communicate and bring innovations to each sides. Our company is a bridge between suppliers and customers, inspired by famous Bosphorus of Istanbul in Turkey where our company was founded. Our mission is to provide the latest, most qualified and cost effective solutions to our customers from suppliers all over the world.

Kantara Food Consultancy Services Trade Limited Company started its journey in December 2018. It established based on the dynamic structure and technical knowledge of food science. The service we provide is built upon to trust, speed and quality.

In this sense, our aim is to become a reliable solution partner for both suppliers and customers. Our main motivation is not only to develop business but also to support and be a part of any initiative that can provide added value to food science.