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Today, we are explaining an emulsifier used to lower the freezing temperature, sorbitan tristearate. This emulsifier, known as STS, is frequently used in oils that are intended to be used as liquid but become solid at slightly below room temperature.

This product, coded E492, is particularly useful for preventing hardening of oils when storage conditions are at low temperatures. It is preferred to prevent solidification and cloudy appearance in many products that are desired to be liquid, especially frying oils.

 width=Take chocolate, for example. Let's assume that the oil in it has successfully crystallized, gives the expected sound when broken and has a stable structure. It will be exposed to temperature changes during transportation, in storage or after reaching the end consumer. Meanwhile, solid crystals will melt and the combined oil molecules will rise to the surface and freeze again. As a result, we will see that the chocolate turns white. 

But does it mean only the physical appearance and structure is changed? Maybe yes at the beginning. However, products that are not in homogeneous form and crystal structure, it is seen that the oxidation accelerates over time. That means product shelf life will be shorter. This situation, which directly affects the taste, structure and shelf life, is preferred by neither producers nor consumers.

As a result; STS is one of the most suitable emulsifiers that can be used for products where oil crystals maintain their place and size in the emulsion throughout the shelf life.

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