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We are passing through the days when ecological destruction is felt more and more. Although the effect of individual effort is small, consumers, whose awareness of the environment and animal rights has increased, have started to choose products on the shelves according to different criteria than before. Of course, this situation caused a change in the industry, especially in the food sector.

Vegan milk is one of the most trendy products of recent times, and it seems that it is more diversified than temporary and continues to become widespread by strengthening its place. We see that the definition of milk no longer connotes only animal foods. Another good thing is that some minerals such as B12, iron, and calcium, which are claimed to be more effective from animal sources, are added to these milks. Therefore, it creates a healthy alternative for vegans.

Milk can be obtained from various plant sources, such as almonds, coconut, soy, oats, and hazelnuts. The basic principle in production is to mix up these sources with water and make them homogeneous, but over time, there is a problem with solid particles going down in these milks. In order to avoid this separation, a hydrocolloid called gellan gum is preferred in low-fat products. Gellan gum is a plant-based thickener that is effective at very low dosages. By keeping the solid particles dispersed in vegetable milk, it ensures the preservation of both the taste and the shelf life of the product.

Gellan gum has two different types, low acyl and high acyl. Although both can be used for this application from time to time, the high acyl type is more suitable. In the use of the product, the steps of dissolving, heating, and homogenizing the product must be done correctly. After gellan gum binds to the solid parts in vegan milk, each time the product is shaken, these parts are re-dispersed, and the decomposition is not irreversible.

Below, you can see the gellan gum usage steps in the experiment conducted in the laboratory environment,

  1. Dissolving in cold
  2. Heating
  3. Cooling
  4. Deaeration

    The results after one day are shown in the pictures below. This one is without gellan gum; solids at the bottom can be seen. 



    The milk with gellan gum is below,



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