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First post of Kantara Food is of course about hydrocolloids! We will briefly about carrageenan. 

Carrageenan is a polysaccharide obtained from seaweed. There are three different types: kappa, iota and lambda. Kappa gives gel structure, iota obtains gel structure and viscosity, lambda only provides viscosity. But, according to the degree of refining (semi or full) smell, color and viscosity may vary.

Kappa carrageenan reacts with potassium and casein and the hardness of the gel formed can be increased. For gel formation, the pH should be 3.8 and above and the temperature should be min 60 degrees Celsius. It forms a brittle, hard and transparent gel.

Iota carrageenan is sensitive to calcium. For gel formation need temperature of 40-45 degrees Celsius and a pH of 3.8 is min. The resulting gel is soft, elastic and transparent.

Lambda carrageenan is soluble in cold. It forms gel without any ion or salt. But this gel can be cut, not a hard gel. You can also see the difference of the gels made with milk from the video below

What is the most suitable type for your application? You can contact with us.