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We can see that spreadable products are always a trend in the market and are very practical to use. Cheeses, creams, ice creams, etc. Soft, thick, and mouth-full of products that are very preferred.

The most popular ingredient for this structure is guar gum. It is derived from a plant grown in India and Pakistan. But 90% of the world's guar gum needs are met by India. Areas of use have expanded from cosmetics to cleaning products and even oil production. Because of that, according to the price of oil, the price of guar gum may change. The relatively cheap price of guar gum makes it the most preferred ingredient in foods to increase viscosity.

Guar gum's structure forms a long and viscous texture. It has a wide working range based on pH, and it is soluble in cold. It is also preferred for gluten-free bakery products and creates a synergic effect with xanthan gum. It is used in many applications like sahlep, ice cream, salad dressings, cream, etc.


You can get more information, a sample, and a price by contacting us for this product, which has different types according to its viscosity.