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Gum arabic is a water-soluble fiber obtained from trees grown in North Africa. The name came from ancient times because it is gathered from western Asia and the Arabian peninsula in ancient times. Today, it is mostly derived from Sudan, Somalia and Senegal regions. Gam acacia is a kind of resin produced by the tree due to bad conditions. There are two types we can see in the market, Senegal and Seyal. Senegal-type is produced by tree if soil is weak, weather is bad and temperature is high. On the other hand, Seyal type is collected from the bottom of the tree, naturally.

Gum arabic is composed of protein and sugar. With the production technology, we obtain instant thin particle type and this type is also soluble in cold water. Instant types are generally Seyal types. Senegal type is more expensive due to production conditions above. If we compare viscosity, the Senegal type gives more consistency than Seyal.


Although we talk about viscosity for Gum arabic, it is often preferred because of its adhesive properties in areas other than beverages. Dragee and soft candies are often coated with gum arabic. In addition to that, the wine and beer industry, Gum arabic is used for capturing the turbidity components in the filtration stage.

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