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The second post on Kantara Food is about fiber! Fiber is one of the natural and herbal solutions for water-holding and thickening. Wheat, cellulose, bamboo, oats, lemon, carrot, etc. Fiber can be obtained from almost any plant. Of course, each of these fibers has a different water and oil binding capacity, color, and odor. One of these is citrus fiber, which has the highest water and oil binding capacity. Lemon fiber is one of the most preferred fibers in citrus fruits. In the table below, you can see the difference in water binding capacity between other fibers.

If we look closer, lemon fiber is insoluble in water like many other fibers. But when you put it in water, it starts to swell. It is very stable during the process. If you increase mechanical stress (pressure, rotation, etc.), you can further increase the water binding capacity. Its color is quite white, and its taste and smell are less than those of the other fibers. Therefore, it is preferred, especially for dairy products. As the lemon taste is close to acid-regulating essential inputs such as citric acid, it has almost no effect on the taste. In addition to its technical characteristics, it will increase the nutritional value of your product and add value to the end product. Because when you use fibers, you can reduce oil, increase water, and create a natural product that will give you a feeling of satiety. You can contact us to learn more.